The Consulate General attests documents which have prior authentication by concerned authorities.

Bangladesh Documents: For attestation, any document originating in Bangladesh (like marriage certificate, birth certificate, police clearance, etc.) must contain the attestation of the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka.

Italian documents: Likewise, any document originating in the Italian (certificate of incorporation, tax return, etc. ) must have the authentication by the Italian Authority.

Education Certificate: Any educational certificate issued by a Board or University in Bangladesh, must have prior attestation by the respective Board or the University as well as that of the Consular Section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka.

Power of Attorney: For attestation of any document such as a power of attorney (relating to sale /purchase of land in Bangladesh, transfer/ purchase/ sale of shares, withdrawal of money/pension from bank, etc.) executed (signed) by any expatriate Bangladesh national (in favour of a relative or a friend residing in Bangladesh), the executants are required to appear in person before the Consular Officer at the Bangladesh Consulate General in Milan along with his/her original Bangladesh passport (valid or expired). For multiple signatories of a document, the same rule applies for all, i.e. all signatories are required to appear in person at the Consulate General.

Documents required at the time of submission of application are:

  1. Filled in Application Form for attestation/certification;
  2. Original document after notarization by a notary public;
  3. A photocopy of the original document after notarization;
  4. Original passport and copy of first nine pages of the passport
  5. 2 copy Photo of the principal (s)/ executant (s)/ signatory (ies).
  6. 2 copy Photo of the attorney (ies).
    [Note: 1 copy Photo of each principal (s) and attorney (ies) must permanently be attached (pasted) to the document. The photo of the attorney (ies) has to be attested by the principal (s)]

Documents regarding transportation of dead bodies to Bangladesh

The Consulate General attests all necessary documents for transportation of dead bodies of expatriate Bangladeshi nationals to Bangladesh for burial/last rituals. The following documents are usually required:

  • Death Certificate from the hospital
  • Photocopy of the deceased’s passport (7 pages)
  • Legal documents(i.e. resident card, stay permit)
  • Contact number of his/her relative in Italy
Prior to the issue of the documents, the Bangladesh passport of the deceased must be sent to the Consulate for cancellation. This service is provided on the same day on an urgent basis without any fees.
Please note that after legalization/attestation, the original document will be returned to the applicant, while the photocopy will be retained by the Consulate General for record


Applying for Attestation

To attest a document (originating in the Italy and signed by Bangladeshi national(s) or foreign national(s) of Bangladesh origin), the applicant(s) must submit the following (after appearing in person to the Consular Officer):

  1. Filled in Application Form for attestation/certification
  2. Original document after notarization by a notary public
  3. A photocopy of the original document after notarization
  4. Two passport sized photographs of each of the executants/signatories
  5. Copy of valid/expired Bangladesh Passport (first 7 pages), or Dual Citizenship Certificate.